Violen Essences

To serve You:
To put an end to all Withdrawal, Hesitation or Stagnation in Relationships.
To let Stagnation pass by and to let a new beginning take root.
Apply this lesson to your life. Your choices are: Enlightenment and Clarity, Fidelity and Modesty
Introspection and Objectives, Wisdom and Gratitude.

These Violet/pansy essences were made in the summer Lotus Academy and Practice opened its doors. For a number of years they have been used in several practices and have been experienced by a group of enthusiastic people. Now, not until five years later, after the decision to write text books for the Academy Myself, the texts are “Showing” themselves. The knowledge of the blossoms is offered and used in the workshop “Relations in Harmony”. Violets/pansies are so beautiful, so fragile, so fragrant, so intensely connected with our Essential Energy, that we become aware of a Blissful feeling of Happiness when we tune in to the flower with all our senses.
By the simplicity of their way of growing, with their fragrance they have the ability to bring back into our Consciousness the feeling of gravity, the ability to make contact with the Earth, and to Thrive in our Self.
You can use them the way all other blossoms are used. With muscle tests you can accurately test the place, the number and the period. We discovered that external use on chakras is the fastest and most effective method.
To preserve the quality brandy was used for their preparation, which is beneficial for the “heavy” vibration of the violets/pansies to found the New Intention.

No. 1 Brown violet/pansy
I have the courage to change my life. I decide now. I realise: Without Decision No Change.
When I stick to my decision life awaits me in all its beauty.

No. 2 White violet/pansy yellow heart/centre
After dark and difficult times light breaks through once again. Personal Awareness.
I give clarity of intention. I give attention to my intentions and use their power to throw down barriers (excuses) against decisive action.
It accelerates my growth process and brings rewards on all levels.

No. 3 Yellow violet/pansy white heart
I can and will honour myself by giving myself the space I am entitled to, so that the Child in me, as Part of my Whole, has Endless Expansion Possibilities.

No. 4 Orange violet/pansy
In my mind's eye I see the frustrations as experiences of the past. They serve me as a medicine to act without negative stress, to live in beauty according to ‘Own' Rhythm and Being

No. 5 White violet/pansy purple heart
To act adequately. A clear direct focus directed outwards, as an eagle spying for a prey. That gives me food for a Clear “sober” mind, because only a Clear “sober” mind can serve me now.

No. 6 Yellow violet/pansy brown heart
I give myself Peace. I withdraw myself. I contemplate. I give the Self the Peace and Contemplation it needs. Connect the Ignorance of the dark with the light of “Clear Knowing” of the Day.

No. 7 Dark blue violet/pansy
I am my own Source, my own Creation, my own Gift. For Everything and Everybody there is the” Ideal Solution. To live in Beauty means to Give Honestly, from that infinite Source, - my Soul - emptiness of All That Is.

No. 8 Purple violet/pansy
Without sadness I can let go of that which doesn't belong to me, by being Thankful and Happy with the Memory of the Good Life has brought me. To Wither or to Die makes it possible to be Born New (again). I have the courage to see what “Life” is.

No. 9 White violet/pansy
The circle is closed. The End is the Beginning and the Beginning is the End. The Choice is mine to open a New Cycle. I am prepared to give myself Pleasure and Happiness and I decide that I am valuable and that I will go on.

No. 10 Sky blue violet/pansy
Welcome HOME. To see that the Soul has “Total Wisdom”; that Love is the Spirit of the Universe. Only you know your Message, Transparent, Crystal-Clear. A New Union, Absorbed in the Whole.

Violet / pansy essences
Author: Mary Bats
Artwork: Lotus boeken Molenhoek
Published: Lotus boeken
ISBN: 90-76572-14-3 © 2001 Lotus boeken Molenhoek