For some time now I have lived with the conviction that everything that happens in life is not simply “chance”; everything has a meaning and can contribute to greater awareness. As long as I fail to understand events or experiences I encounter in life, “they” will continue to come back until I have received and understood the “message”. New knowledge does not exist; true knowledge is ancient and timeless, irrespective of which ancient scripts we may refer to.

Since 1983 I have found out that every obstacle and illness can be overcome by changing our way of thinking (thinking models) when the need arises.

The Universal Creative Life Spiral:
Every one of us is a creation from above, born of two other creations; a model of “eternal life” in the cycle of existence, living through and passing on life. No matter how different people may appear, every individual is linked to the laws of nature and the cosmos, the laws of polarities, the opposites of yin and yang, light and darkness, man and woman, in extensio.

All of us know the principle of the transformer or dynamo, a copper coil wound around a metal rod that creates electrical energy driven by the magnetic field between North and South Pole in the coil containing the rod.
All material, which we call LIFE, is subject to such a conscious or unconscious interaction, and is the result of this interaction.
Even though not all are aware of it, the effect of this interaction can work for all of us by enhancing our awareness, thus allowing us to turn wish into reality.
This was my intention when I created the Decoder of the Universal Creative Life Spiral. All who use the Spiral will know the first time they use it that LIFE does not ”happen” to us, but that it can COINCIDE wit our needs and choices.
There is a saying that:
“If CHANCE is what OVERCOMES us, the FUTURE is what we make come to us. It is precisely what we choose RIGHT NOW that counts.
Making a decision for “chance” means creating what “happens” to us. And who knows what that might be!
Awareness of decision to choose for CHOICE for “your Self” allows the future to bring what is yours by right.

This DECODER is composed of a number of Equivalents and has been compiled over many years of self study and examination, and the many experiences I have shared with clients in my practice, students and pupils on training courses and workshops, and the general public I have met during my readings. All of them, through the medium of reflection, have confirmed to me my belief in the UNIVERSAL LAW of man's creative capacity or EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.
All of them revealed in a creative manner the law of CAUSE and EFFECT (karma) by means of a positive or negative spiral.
This DECODER is intended to awaken that capacity in man so that the individual can make an independent contribution to self-recovery and the healing process. For a healthy and happy life, body (cells), mind (thought), and soul (feeling) need to be in balance. A positive attitude about yourself and life in general is vital to achieve the positive thinking that is needed to awaken the SPIRIT (essence) of life.
This DECODER makes it possible to create a link between personality style (character), feelings, and the way of doing things. As a result, a greater understanding of the quality and status of a situation is possible, allowing a plan of action to be put in place.
By carrying out this plan of action to the letter, behavior patterns can changed where a new approach is required.
The only thing we need to do is to be WILLING to have the force of mind necessary to ABSOLVE ourselves and, by RELINQUISHING, to create room for a new way of thinking and acting.
This UNIVERSAL CREATIVE LIFE SPIRAL can be used as FIRST AID FUNCTION to achieve a metaphysical understanding of:
  • Specific situations/occurrences (oracle function)
  • Mental processes (for motivation)
  • Psychic complaints (for awareness)
  • Physical illnesses (to overcome)
  • Thinking models (for consideration/to balance)
  • Personality style (for awareness)
  • The DECODER is an inexhaustible source of opportunity to come to understand and overcome difficult situations, or achieve greater awareness so that wish can become reality. Not only in times of crisis but precisely when balanced decisions are required or when we are continually plagued by physical ailments.

    Mary Bats-Niessen gives one-day training courses on how to use the DECODER so that you can gain a better understanding of daily life for yourself and your loved ones.
    If you are interested in applying for a course, write to the address below.
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